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by Rafal Los

May 20, 2009

It's happened, my faith in FireFox and plug-ins has been totally shattered, for real this time. I knew the day would come soon...but I'm still sad.

I read this brilliantly simple blog post where Duarte Silva, on his myf00 blog, basically trojaned a legitimate Mozilla "extension" (add-on) to make it do evil, evil things. He calls his creation "ffspy", how fitting given that it steals your HTTP POSTs. The scary thing about this - that legitimate extension was NoScript.


by Jim Dalrymple

May 20, 2009

Macintosh security consulting firm on Tuesday issued a critical warning for an unpatched Java security vulnerability in Apple's Mac OS X.

According to the man credited with discovering it, Landon Fuller, the Java flaw even affects the latest version of Mac OS X, 10.5.7, released just a week ago. Fuller has gone so far as to release a proof of concept for the security hole. The vulnerability could be used to perform what SecureMac refers to as "drive-by-downloads," or the ability to infect a computer by simply visiting a Web page. Fuller explains that the flaw allows malicious code to run commands with the permissions of the current user.

by Mikko

April 16, 2009

The Waledac botnet has been actively used to push malware since last year. Last night, the websites used to push Waledac infections got an overhaul.

by Brian Prince

April 16, 2009

A Trojan infecting users of pirated Mac software built a botnet used in a denial-of-service attack.

The malware that infected the bots, known as OSX.Iservice, installs a backdoor on infected systems and begins contacting other hosts for commands. Hidden in the pirated software, the malware infects users sharing the files over peer-to-peer networks.

April 16, 2009

Searching for good things with bad results is something that now happens on a regular basis. But now it's personal - searching for "f-secure" leads to rogue products.

A demonstration of how searching for security software may provide ads for malware.

by ABC News

April 16, 2009

17-year-old Michael Mooney, who was behind the recent Twitter worms offered a job after claiming responsibility: A black mark or the ultimate resume? Some young programmers hack to get noticed.

For the social networking darling Twitter, it was a headache and potential threat. But for the young man behind the computer worm that attacked the micro-blogging site this week, it was a fast track to a job. Called both "Mikeyy" and "StalkDaily," the pesky computer program crashed the tweet-fest for the first time over the weekend, leaving thousands of unwanted messages in its wake.

April 12, 2009

The worm introduced to Twitter this weekend was similar to the famous Samy worm which spread across the popular MySpace social-networking site a while back.

Twitter asserts that no passwords, phone numbers, or other sensitive information was compromised as part of the attacks, but the attackers were able to continue a series of bombardments across 3 days.

BBC News (UK)

April 1, 2009

The chaos predicted by some as the Conficker worm updates itself have so far failed to materialise.

There had been concerns that the worm could trigger poisoned machines to access personal files, send spam, clog networks or crash sites.


by Thomas Claburn

March 29, 2009

Proof-of-concept exploit code has been posted online for six kernel vulnerabilities, five of which affect Mac OS X 10.5.6, the most current version of Apple's operating system software.

The vulnerabilities were discussed at CanSecWest 2009 last week during a talk about security flaws in the FreeBSD, Mac OS X, and Solaris kernels by security researchers Christer Oberg and Neil Kettle of Convergent Network Solutions. The five that affect Mac OS X, which uses the Mach kernel and incorporates portions of FreeBSD Unix, remain unpatched.


by Roger A. Grimes

March 28, 2009

The results of the CanSecWest 2009 PWN2OWN hacking contest are in. And guess what? The hackers won, and the browsers lost -- the lone exception being Google Chrome.

Hackers successfully compromised fully patched Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari browsers, all using exploits that required the local user to load a malicious Web site. Today, that's how 99.999 percent of exploits happen. Google's Chrome was the only browser the hackers did not break. Dr. Miller said that he had Chrome exploits but couldn't leverage the exploits into something useful.


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