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by David Zeiler

March 28, 2009

Mac susceptibility to malware is not as black-and-white as many people believe. Apple haters celebrated Miller's feat; Safari was the first browser to fall in last week's contest. (Internet Explorer 8 and Firefox also were breached, but Google's Chrome wa

Meanwhile, the Mac community mostly jeered, noting Miller had prepared his exploit in the weeks before the contest. Although true, it doesn't change the fact he discovered a valid hole in Safari's code. Mac users should be less critical and more concerned. I know the notion of Mac vulnerability is unpopular, but Miller makes convincing arguments. And unlike vendors of anti-virus software, Miller and the company he works for...have nothing to gain.

by Rebecca Thomson

March 27, 2009

The Conficker computer virus, which has been public knowledge since last October, has been sent to computers of MPs and members of the House of Lords.

On 1 April, Channel 4 news reported that the creator of the virus will take control of the infected computers. The virus, a type of worm, can be used to perform any number of functions. Most large companies have anti-virus systems that update daily, and that have been configured to protect their networks and computers against this particular virus.

IT Examiner

by Nick Farrell in Rome

March 18, 2009

A row has broken out over whether the BBC broke the law by using licence payer money to buy a 20,000 strong botnet.

Sophos' Graeme Cluely penned a piece of bile against Click after it ran a story about how easy it is to run a botnet. The BBC incorrectly believed that it was not breaking the law if did not have criminal intent and was just trying to raise public awareness.

Smart Company (AU)

by Patrick Stafford

March 4, 2009

A virus has swept across social networking site Facebook that sends malicious software into a user's computer, potentially stealing personal information such as addresses and telephone numbers.

The "Koobface" virus, which originally appeared last year but has returned in a new format, hides itself in links to videos supposedly sent from profiles of users' friends on the site. The new version creates a fake YouTube page when the link is opened...

February 13, 2009

Very detailed records of customers were stolen from the site. The records included name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, credit card number, expiration date, and most notoriously, card verification number (CVV).

The interesting part is that the site had a Hacker Safe seal. The seal was revoked twice last year due to vulnerabilities, but restored after they where patched. It seems that this time the hack preceded the scan or the scan missed the vulnerability. So much for application scanning and vulnerability assessment. And don't take it lightly as a geeks site. is a $150M/year business.

by Jason Kincaid

February 13, 2009

TechCrunch reports that for a short period of time, SpeedDate, an online dating service did not require a password. If you knew someone's user name you could login. Talking about "lack of sufficient authentication controls..."

Wow. Something is seriously wrong at SpeedDate , the online dating site that throws strangers into whirlwind 3 minute dates. For at least 30 minutes this evening (and possibly more), passwords were totally optional. Type in a user name (no password needed), hit 'Log In', and you had access to every private message, 'flirt', and buddy list available on the user's profile. You could modify profile photos, bios, or whatever else you could find. We've verified that the issue worked with at least five different accounts. One account didn't work, the others went though without a hitch.

February 13, 2009

phpBB was known for years as one of the most insecure software packages out there. It is responsible for one for one of the 1st application layer worm, Santy back in 2004.

How ironic it is that its own web site was seriously breached due to a vulnerability in another software package used... The culprit was an LFI (Local File Inclusion) vulnerability in PHPlist, an application for managing newsletters which enables the hacker to grab phpBB users list.

February 13, 2009

A researcher found and exploited a serious SQL injection vulnerability in US web site of Kasperski, an anti-virus software vendor, exposing the full customers database.

Apparently, the vulnerability existed for some time and the researched informed Kasperski about it to no avail before making it public. This is another example of how fatal SQL injection can be. SQL Injection is considered one of the more well understood attack vectors, easy to find during a security review, and therefore easy to get rid of.

February 12, 2009

SQL injection is a type of attack that is growing in popularity - and bots today attack sites regularly. When one is found, a human being will usually review the attacks for further vectors and attempt to broaden the exploit to accomplish as much as possi

During the last few days a Romanian group has been doing SQL injection attacks on several security vendor's websites and early this morning they hit F-Secure (the makers of F-Prot). I applaud F-Secure for admitting the event took place, and for publicly disclosing what happened, which will enable other security researchers to point to a visible and active site that is learning from their mistakes.

February 9, 2009

Celebrities web presence hacking is topping 2009 incidents list, and rappers seem to lead.

However this report in the Ampersand, like the Lil Kim story from the same week,is somewhat questionable. In both cases it seem that uncomfortable content was blamed on hacking. West's story is somewhat ironic as he used his blog to remind users of the untruthfulness of his web presence. When reviewing all the rappers incidents, my conclusion is that they are more susceptible to content spoofing because it is much easier for hackers to imitate their language and style.


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