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The Washington Post

by Rosalind S. Helderman

February 7, 2009

Message to the world: The Maryland General Assembly does not want to be your friend.

This week, computer gurus with the state's legislative body announced that they were blocking access to Facebook and MySpace from all General Assembly computers, including those of lawmakers and their staffs.

February 6, 2009

Media giant CNN caused more than a few raised eyebrows in the tech community when it was revealed recently that it installs an application that lets CNN use subscribers' computers to distribute its live streaming content.

It's not a drive-by download or some insidious secret hack - more of a social engineering scam, actually. Millions of users who signed up for the live streaming feed of U.S. President Barach Obama's inauguration last month were told they couldn't get hooked in unless they first installed something called 'the Octoshape Grid Delivery enhancement' for their Flash Player. Among other things, the 'enhancement' turns subscribers' computers into relay stations, making them part of a grid to, "deliver parts of the video and audio stream to other end users of the Software," as the Octoshape end user agreement clearly states. Octoshape Grid Delivery is a peer-to-peer application that, in effect, uses the subscriber's computer and Internet connection to create an ad-hoc distribution network for CNN.

Tulsa World

January 30, 2009

The Tulsa Police Department asks that area residents be mindful of Valentine's Day-related e-mail viruses next month.

Police said the e-mail message usually reads "Greeting Card sent for Valentine's Day" to the targeted user. The virus file names include "youanme.exe," "onlyyou.exe," and "meandyou.exe," according to police.


by Andrea Shalal-Esa

January 30, 2009

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A 35-year-old computer programer pleaded not guilty on Friday to charges that he planted a computer virus designed to destroy all the data on 4,000 Fannie Mae computer servers the day he was fired.

Rajendrasinh Babubhai Makwana, an Indian citizen who had been working as a contractor employee at Fannie Mae's facility in Urbana, Maryland, was indicted on Tuesday by a federal grand jury for computer intrusion. If convicted, Makwana faces a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison.

January 27, 2009

Websense reports that, an open blogging service which is part of Obama's campaign web site has been used to point users to malware infecting content.

The scam is a good example of the dangers of Web 2.0 user generated content and mashups. There was no malicious code on the Obama's site, however an allowed HTML code looking like a YouTube embedded flick pointed to an external site which carried the malware.

The Post-Bulletin

by Debi Neville

January 10, 2009

Don't throw caution to the wind when ordering merchandise online. It's a good piece of advice, but one that many people ignore, according to Tim Klatt, owner of Computer Smartz in Rochester, and Jesse Cofske, senior technician at Computer Smartz.

Large, well-known companies, such eBay and Amazon, are your best bet when buying online. Their sites are safe, and so is your information. "If you are not familiar with the company, it could be a scam, so don't use them," Klatt said.

Monsters and Critics

by Jay Dougherty

January 10, 2009

Washington -- Ready or not, here comes Windows 7. Although the release of the successor to Windows Vista isn't due out in final form until later this year, Microsoft wants you to start thinking about Windows 7 now - and maybe even to start using it.

The company announced this week that the public beta of Windows 7 will be released ahead of schedule. As with previous public betas, anyone will be able to download and try out Windows 7, and judging from the high level of interest in the new operating system, lots of people will want to.

by Gadi Evron

December 11, 2008

Facebook users are facing a new threat, 419 scams in chat form, masquerading as friends.

I know because it just happened to me (think: 419 scam). An "acquaintance" sent me a message using Facebook chat that said, "Hi." Easy enough. I replied in kind. Then she told me a horror story of being held at gunpoint and stranded in London. At first, I was worried. But something didn't seem right...

The New York Times

by John Markoff

December 8, 2008

SAN FRANCISCO -- License plates may be coming to cyberspace. Government and technology experts urge a move away from passwords and toward more secure devices.

Restricting Internet access is one of a series of recommendation that a group of more than sixty government and business computer security specialists will make in a public presentation of "Securing Cyberspace in the 44th Presidency" Monday.

San Francisco Chronicle

by Verne Kopytoff

December 6, 2008

Facebook's millions of users are in the crosshairs of a computer virus dubbed Koobface that is being spread through the social networking site's messaging system.

Users whose computers are infected may have their credit card numbers stolen or their searches on Google, Yahoo and MSN diverted to fraudulent Web sites. The malicious code underscores how hackers are increasingly targeting social networking sites including Facebook and MySpace to capitalize on their big audiences.


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