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How To Master CSS

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by Dan Goodin

August 21, 2012

Thanks to real-world data, the keys to your digital kingdom are under assault.

In late 2010, Sean Brooks received three e-mails over a span of 30 hours warning that his accounts on LinkedIn,, and other popular websites were at risk. He was tempted to dismiss them as hoaxes—until he noticed they included specifics that weren't typical of mass-produced phishing scams. The e-mails said that his login credentials for various Gawker websites had been exposed by hackers who rooted the sites' servers, then bragged about it online; if Brooks used the same e-mail and password for other accounts, they would be compromised too. The warnings Brooks and millions of other people received that December weren't fabrications. Within hours of anonymous hackers penetrating Gawker servers and exposing cryptographically protected passwords for 1.3 million of its users, botnets were cracking the passwords and using them to commandeer Twitter accounts and send spam. Over the next few days, the sites advising or requiring their users to change passwords expanded to include Twitter, Amazon, and Yahoo.

by Jason

October 29, 2012

It's our pleasure to introduce Emma, an F-Secure Marketing Specialist who works in Global Marketing. She specializes in corporate protection that keeps businesses thriving.

With the launch of our new Software Updater solution for business, we're going to be focusing more on corporate security in the future so we thought we'd start by introducing Emma and giving you her thoughts on the challenges our corporate customers face. We started off by asking Emma what it is she likes most about her job...

by Christopher Mims

June 27, 2011

Your passwords are stored on more sites than ever-too bad you've never bothered to change them.

Your company's data is only as secure as the weakest security of the most fly-by-night website to which anyone in your organization has ever given their password. Think about that for a moment: One of your summer interns used the same password on your company intranet as they use on the hacked-together open source message board on which they swap stories with their friends about how awesome it was to do whippets around the campfire at last year's Bonnaroo.

by Joost de Valk

March 7, 2013

For all sorts of reasons, some people have a problem with updating WordPress installs properly. I will state now that for both our free and premium plugins we do not support anything but the latest and the prior to last version.

At the time of writing that's WordPress 3.5 and WordPress 3.4. If you're running anything else, we can't help you. But mostly, I want to convince you to upgrade by dispelling all the reasons why you shouldn't or "couldn't" upgrade. The top four reasons we hear...

The Web Host Industry Review

by Josh Ewin

March 8, 2013

When Google first launched Google Plus, I was not interested. It wasn't that I didn't like Google or feel that it was inferior exactly. I just already had my primary networks; Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Google Plus had some OK features, but it felt clunky by comparison. It wasn't until I had a sense of Google's plans for Google+ and the impact of building out a following on there that I fully embraced it. And once I did, it quickly became my favorite and most productive network.

January 17, 2013

Per Soderlind recently alerted me to a rather important security issue regarding plugins hosted outside of

All hosted plugins receive plugin updates from Commercial plugins often add scripts to provide plugin updates from other sources*, but the vast majority of plugins simply go without automatic updates at all. Now, imagine a scenario in which you create a custom plugin, but someone with malicious intent registers a plugin with the exact same name and slug as yours with the repository. It is conceivable that you or someone else working on the site could accidentally hit the "update" button and be immediately infected by a malicious plugin launched to attack your site from itself.

by Margaret Rock

October 19, 2012

An amazing array of gadgets connects us to the Internet -- from smartphones and tablets to laptops and computers. These gadgets check social media, organize schedules, map out driving routes and access streaming movies and music.

In short, they function like pocket computers, with the added ease of mobility. Of course, all these devices need the Internet. And the growing number of devices, combined with our reliance on their services, is putting a premium on finding the most convenient and economical way to connect to the Web. Not surprisingly, we're turning to public Wi-Fi, which handles millions of connections. As more people power up their devices to confirm flight schedules, check e-mail and browse the Web, finding free Wi-Fi -- from big city airports to seemingly remote coffeehouses -- is becoming the new national pastime.

July 22, 2010

Well-crafted emails mimicking Amazon order confirmations have been detected in large quantities in the past week.  The Amazon logo and "your account" button actually take image files from the Amazon website.

by Justin Lee

December 10, 2010

WikiLeaks hackers The Anonymous group has taken down making it the latest target in a string of ongoing attacks the group has launched in support of WikiLeaks.

Web analytics firm Netcraft reported that the attack was organized to start at 09:20 GMT on Friday, but was not affected until after 11:00 GMT. Just as it did earlier this week with previous website targets, PayPal, Mastercard and Visa, the Anonymous group announced this latest attack in advance on Operation Payback's Twitter stream. The group decided to target after it closed down WikiLeaks' donations account. The whistle-blower site was placed on an official US watchlist as well as blacklisted by the Australian government.

by Liberty Chick

July 30, 2012

On Sunday, the New York Times found itself on the opposite - and embarrassing - end of an elaborate hoax when an op-ed piece seemingly authored by former New York Times executive editor Bill Keller appeared online and made the rounds across the internet.

The hoax came complete with a replica of the NY Times website, hosted at a slightly different URL registered in March, as well as an imposter Twitter account and a fake PayPal blog. And dozens of high profile tweeters - including the likes of Salon, BuzzMachine's Jeff Jarvis, prominent accounts of the hacker collective Anonymous, and even the NY Times itself - found themselves circulating the cunningly planted ruse. The phony Keller op-ed, titled "Wikileaks, A Post Postscript," offered a staunch defense of Wikileaks and founder Julian Assange, while taking the opportunity to squeak in criticisms of Republican members of the House Judiciary Committee and Obama's State Department.


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