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by Paul Ferguson

November 10, 2005

Record company Sony BMG Music Entertainment has been targeted in a class-action lawsuit in California by consumers claiming their computers have been harmed by anti-piracy software on some Sony BMG CDs.

The claim states that Sony BMG's failed to disclose the true nature of the digital rights management system it uses on its CDs and thousands of computer users have unknowingly infected their computers, according to court documents.

by Paul Ferguson

November 10, 2005

If you satisfy the following criteria, we would like to hear from you:* You have a Windows computer; * First 4 Internet's "xcp" copy protection has been installed on your computer from a Sony CD (for more details, see our blog post referenced above or

We have not made any final decisions about filing any legal action, but we would like to hear from music fans who have been harmed by the Sony-BMG "rootkit" copy protection technology.

by Paul Ferguson

November 10, 2005

Simon sez, "On Macintouch today, Darren Dittrich reports that Sony's DRM software targets Macs too. Digging into the "enhanced" content on the disk, he found a that, when run, shows a license agreement, then asks you for an admin password. On en

Note that these aren't the rootkits that infect Windows PCs -- Sony's Mac crippleware comes from a different vendor called Suncomm.

October 13, 2005

An aquaintance of mine recently managed within 24 hours to become the most popular civilian on myspace with the help of a clever bit of viral javascript imbedded into his myspace page.

Let's see here...what would make my profile rock. Well, the most popular profiles on myspace pretty much consist of people with the limited english skills so I don't want to mimic those, but popularity begets popularity. I need some more friends. I need people to love me. I delved in and found that I could basically control the web browsing of anyone who hit my profile. In fact, I was able to develop something that caused anyone who viewed my profile to add my name to their profile's list of heroes. I was ecstatic. But it wasn't enough. I needed more. So I went deeper. A Chipotle burrito and a few clicks later, anyone who viewed my profile who wasn't already on my friends list would inadvertently add me as a friend. Without their permission. I had conquered myspace. Veni, vidi, vici.


by John Borland

October 5, 2005

Network feud leads to Net blackout | Two major Net companies stop exchanging traffic, cutting off access to each other's networks for some customers.

On Wednesday, network company Level 3 Communications cut off its direct "peering" connections to another big network company called Cogent Communications. That technical action means that some customers on each company's network now will find it impossible, or slower, to get to Web sites on the other company's network.

by Ryan Paul

October 4, 2005

Some of you may remember when the SpreadFirefox site got hacked by spammers in July. Well, it happened again. Although the unfortunate Drupal vulnerabilities have all been adequately patched, site maintainers overlooked significant, remotely exploitable v

SpreadFirefox members received e-mails this morning informing them of a potential intrusion. The e-mail assures us that the exploit was limited to the SpreadFirefox server, and never affected the Mozilla sites or software. Like last time, the administrators believe that no critical data was acquired, but they recommend that users change their passwords...

by HNS Consulting Ltd.

October 4, 2005

As you may remember, back in July, had its security compromised. Unfortunately this happened again, this time because of vulnerabilities in the TWiki system.

"The Spread Firefox Team became aware this week that the server hosting Spread Firefox, our community marketing site, has been accessed by unknown remote attackers who attempted to exploit a security vulnerability in TWiki software installed on the server. The TWiki software was disabled as soon as we were aware of the attempts to access This exploit was limited to and did not affect web sites or Mozilla software."

by David Needle

September 22, 2005

Several anti-virus security sites have issued warnings that a variant of the infamous Bagle worm has shown up on the Internet, spreading via e-mails. SophosLabs is warning that the apparent creator of Bagle is "intent on infecting as many people as possib

"All computer users should avoid opening unsolicited e-mail attachments and ensure that their anti-virus protection is up to date," said Carole Theriault, senior security consultant at Sophos, in a statement. "Businesses should also consider blocking all executable code from entering their networks via e-mail -- most companies have no need to receive computer programs via this route, and it dramatically reduces the risk of infection." All of the different versions of the Trojan horse attempt to turn off anti-virus and security software, and block access to security websites, in an attempt to allow hackers to gain access to infected computers. Anti-virus and security firm Microworld Technologies said the new Bagle worm is unable to propagate on its own, and the infected messages have been mass mailed using spamming technologies.


by Tom Espiner

September 6, 2005

Anti-spam group Spamhaus says almost 5,000 sites on Yahoo use the words bank, eBay and PayPal in their domain names.

Spamhaus has accused Yahoo of failing in the fight against online fraud, and Microsoft has admitted there is room for improvement. Yahoo is playing host to thousands of phishing sites and doesn't have sufficiently well-trained staff to address the problem of online fraud, according to a leading anti-spam and security organization on Tuesday. Richard Cox, chief information officer of Spamhaus, told an audience of politicians, security experts and law enforcement officials that Yahoo has just under 5,000 domains hosted and registered with the words 'bank', 'eBay' and 'PayPal' within the domain names.


August 25, 2005

Brazilian police arrested 85 people on Thursday accused of stealing more than $33 million by hacking into the online bank accounts of unwitting Internet users, authorities said.

The raid -- dubbed Operation Pegasus -- was carried out by 410 federal police officers in seven states, making it one of the biggest crackdowns on electronic crime in Brazil. In all, 105 arrest warrants were issued after a four-month investigation found that the suspects had pocketed about 80 million reais in the scam.


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