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As a long-time user of DQSD I have developed several searches to ease my own life. Eventually I'll have them all listed here with more detailed help and support. For now, this page really serves primarily as a link tag placeholder for my searches. To download the searches I've created and modified go to the CVS Directory and look for shawnkhall.

I've submitted the following searches (some others may not be displayed here):

aspfaq.xml Active-Server-Pages FAQ Search the Active Server Pages Frequently Asked Questions online database.
floax.xml The Floax Bar Provides a floating button bar for quick 'mouser' search access (much like the quick-launch toolbar). * A work in progress.
loc.xml Library of Congress bill lookup Search the Thomas LOC bill register.
qscb.xml QuickSort Clipboard QuickSorts every line of text on the clipboard and places it back onto the clipboard.
rh2t.xml Registry Hex to Text Converter Converts a registry hex-encoded binary value to text.
riaar.xml RIAA Radar Search the RIAA Radar database.
rxlib.xml Search the Search the directory of hundreds of focused RegEx queries submitted from around the world.
themeinst.xml DQSD Theme Installation Service Provides the ability to install a DQSD 'Theme' by entering its URL. * A work in progress.
ts.xml Terminal Services Login Load Terminal Services to a specific domain or site.
vbsx.xml VB Script Execute Performs Visual Basic Script code interpretation.
wrp.xml Wrap Clipboard Wraps the contents of the clipboard to a certain number of characters, inserting optional prefix and places it back onto the clipboard.
(Very useful for fixing email message wrap identifiers or removing prefix characters)
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