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Discover Google Desktop Key

This page attempts to 'discover' your Google Desktop Key using various methods. The point of this exercize is to determine your Google Desktop Key for use with a specific 'Google Desktop Search' (ggd) created for DQSD.

For any of these methods to work you must have Google Desktop installed. If you do not have Google Desktop installed it will not work.

Method 1

This method attempts to 'discover' your Google Desktop Key by hitting Google using an XML object, then parsing the results. It may be necessary to allow this page to 'create an object' in order to function correctly. However, this can be a security risk, and you should take adequate precautions to ensure you know what you are doing. This page requires any version of the MSXML tool to be installed on your Windows PC, and JavaScript must be enabled in your browser.

This page will attempt to automagically discover the key when it is first loaded, however, if that does not work click the button below.

Method 2

If the above code does not work (permission denied errors or other security-related errors), you can manually view-source of this search request to Google, and paste the source-code into the text box below. Since it does not have to create the connection and download the source itself, it is more secure and may function correctly for you.

Method 3

If this script did not work for you 'from the web' you may want to try downloading it and running it on your PC directly. This may work whereas creating these script objects from a webpage is being blocked (a security feature). Again, if you have any doubts then you should not download or run this code. If you are running XP SP2 you may experience problems with the downloaded version as well.

Download this script! (be sure to right-click and select 'save target as' from the menu). You may store it on your desktop or anywhere else. After it discovers the Google Desktop Key for you, you may delete the file. Once the key is stored in your LocalPrefs.js file you should not need this script again.

Method 4

Finally, if you've just got the bad luck and hightened security to prevent this from functioning automatically in any fashion, you may determine the key manually. Here are the direction to do so:

  1. Open this page in another browser window
  2. In the new search results window, open the menu "Tools" > "View Source"
  3. Now in the source view you will need to search for the following text:
  4. Following that equals sign will be a short string ending in a question mark. Copy the text between the "=" and the "?"
  5. Within DQSD, add a line like the following to localprefs.js, where "your key goes here" is replaced by the text you copied in the step above
    ggd_googleKey = 'your key goes here';


If you still cannot obtain the key, please be sure you have Google Desktop installed. Then you may email the DQSD Users Mailing List.

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